Meet Tank, a New Hope Cattle Dog Available For Adoption


 Meet Tank


Tank is a sweet dog that always wants loves. His Birthday is September 17, 2011. We have had Tank for 7 years and due to our older heeler issues, we’ve made the difficult decision to find a better home for him. He has always been great with our 5 year old twins although he does occasionally snatch food.  We just want him to be with a family that can love him and give him the opportunities we can’t. Fun fact, Tank’s name is from Old School (a Will Ferrell movie) and he has lived up to it. He has slimmed down to a nice 55 lbs. 


Here is the list of commands that he knows

Down (lay down)
High Five
Take it easy (he will take treats super gentle if you say this)
Potty in Pen (he will go to a designated potty area)



Tank has been on Kirkland brand Mature dog food for a while. He eats 1-1.5 cups morning and night. He also gets a Digestive enzyme pill from Petco with each meal. It keeps him from being gassy. He loves ice cubes for a treat. The only bones that have stood up to his powerful chewing are Nyla bones.


Tank can get in trouble when it comes to stuff lying around the house. He never touched mine or my husband’s stuff but if the kids left something around he would chew it (never quite got that under control). We did have him crate trained early on.

Gender: Male
Cats: Unknown; testing in progress
Kids: Good with all
Other Dogs: Good with other dogs

New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue vets all puppies and dogs to include:

  • spay/neuter
  • vaccinations ((rabies, distemper, bordatella)
  • de-worm
  • heartworm check (if appropriate)
  • microchip

Dogs come with a crate, bed, collar, leash, food, bowls, and vet records. The crate is returned upon completion of the trial adoption.