Training Your Australian Cattle Dog

What is the right training for you and your ACD?

It depends on the problems you are encountering. I encourage you to start with Mark Abbott's FAQ.

Training isn't just for problem dogs. It can be a bonding activity between you and your dog and if you are involved in a group class, it is a great tool for socialization. Training should be kept up for the life of the dog. Just like we are "trained" to go to work everyday, the dog needs work to do as well. Here are a few articles and programs for you to look at. Please note that we do not make any warranties or guarantees on these methods, they are only presented here as reading material to broaden your knowledge. Read them all and see what works best for you and your dog.

The Life and Death of an Untrained dog- something to ponder, this happens to hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats yearly/daily.

Great articles and Training Techniques:

Other fun training stuff to do with your dog: