Meet Carlos , a New Hope Cattle Dog Available For Adoption


 Meet Carlos


Carlos is an amazing “little” guy! He’s about 55lbs of pure, teenage energy! He is prone to over excitement which causes him to become a bit jumpy and mouthy but he has been steadily improving each week. Carlos has displayed a strong prey-drive and since there are outdoor cats and critters where he goes for walks right now, he wears a muzzle just to be safe. He also is working on his leash walking – again because he is so excited to see other dogs. He loves other dogs! His play style can be a bit much for some dogs but he takes cues well. Carlos is a fast learner when he slows down enough to pay attention! He’s extremely food motivated and knows his basics such as sit, lay down, off, wait, and he can even shake! He’s also crate trained and will happily run in for a treat and settle right down if left alone. As mentioned, he is also muzzle trained and would come with his current basket muzzle, along with some favorite enrichment toys and kong feeder. He should continue training to work on his excitability, impulse control, and leash reactivity. Side Notes: Carlos would be a fantastic doggy athlete! With his speed and energy, he would likely excel at fast-CAT, dock diving, or even nose work! He has so much potential and his foster family loves him very much! We all want to seem him live his best life and will help any potential adopter set him up for success!
Gender: Male
Weight: 60 lbs
Cats: Unknown; testing in progress
Kids: Good with all
Other Dogs: Good with other dogs

New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue vets all puppies and dogs to include:

  • spay/neuter
  • vaccinations ((rabies, distemper, bordatella)
  • de-worm
  • heartworm check (if appropriate)
  • microchip

Dogs come with a crate, collar, leash, food, bowls, and vet records. The crate is returned upon completion of the trial adoption.