New Hope Cattle Dogs Available For Adoption

New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue vets all puppies and dogs to include:

  • spay/neuter
  • vaccinations ((rabies, distemper, bordatella)
  • de-worm
  • heartworm check (if appropriate)
  • microchip

Dogs come with a crate, collar, leash, food, bowls, and vet records. The crate is returned upon completion of the trial adoption.

Hello, Just getting started.

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Hello, Just getting started.

I'm not a REAL DOG, but if you are just getting started in your search with New Hope, not quite ready to start meeting dogs yet due to vacation, moving, getting married or life in general,..... Then I'm your dog!  Choose me and New Hopes Adoption Coordinator will give you a call & we can go from there.  Thanks for your interest & Hello to a great adventure finding a new best friend!

Winnie (3 years, 6 months)

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Hi! I’m Winnie, a 4 year old female cattle dog mix, who has enough love to give everyone I meet - but I am especially ready to be best friends with YOU. I am not shy towards anyone and will snuggle up next to any human who asks. I love to go on walks and have endless amounts of energy when I am out-n-about, but am ready to quietly relax when we’re all at home together.  While I absolutely adore children, I don’t really know my own strength around babies and would do best in a house with children older than 5. I’m not so sure about cats, but would also prefer to be in a home where I am the only dog. I’m not aggressive towards other pups, but just afraid of them and tend to get uncomfortable when they get too close.  I have professional obedience training and LOVE to impress you by doing “sit”, “lay down”, and “stay”! I’m really excited to find a companion who wants to have me by their side throughout the day, throws toys for me to chase, and takes me on nice walks around the neighborhood. If that’s you, then I can’t wait to be your new sidekick.  Fill out an application ASAP to meet me!


Posie (1 year, 6 months)

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Posey is an owner surrender because the apartment where they moved does not allow pets.  She is crate and housetrained  and very sweet and good with other dogs ...  coming up from Portales NM next week 10/13 if the transport is able...  let's give this heeler love and   hugs  and let her know good times are here in Colorado...

Lisa (1 year, 1 month)

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Hi! My name is Lisa I am an energetic and sweet 1 year old girl! I love to go on walks and I have endless amounts of energy to love! I love my toys!! I like squeaker toys, stuffies and bones!! I love everyone I meet canine and human alike! Small animals intrigue me and I like to chase them, so no cats. I know some of my commands, am doing pretty good on my potty training and going into my kennel, need to work on my manners with people and dogs, but if you give me your patience, time and training I will be your loyal and loving best friend forever!  My perfect human would love to run or hike.  If you have a backyard I need to have a 6 foot fence, and if you live in a condo or apartment, daily exercise is a must so I can chill....Would love a home with another dog too so I can play play play!!!! 

Blake (3 years) COMING SOON!

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Blake is a 3 yr old male who is not neutered yet and will need an FHO repair on his hip.   New hope cattle dogs will take care of these once he gets here and evaluated.   He was a stray snd is 47 lbs...Blake loves attention and he is available now even before his surgery if the right adopter  is willing to get him through his recuperation.   We are not sure how his injury occurred  but he is walking .  Let's get this fellow on the road to recovery soon as he deserves to be pain free.   


Hi, I'm Sarge.  I'm about 4 years old and will make someone an awesome companion on a farm.  I love my people and am very loyal.  I am kind of picky with other dos and prefer to spoil my family without being bothered with sharing them with other animals!  :-)  I promise I will give you my undivided attention and be at your beck and call!  I'm a sweet girl who loves a warm bed, a crunchy bone, and YOU!  Fill out an application and spend some time with me!

Lucy (1 year, 9 months)

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Lucy is a high energy pup! She loves going on long walks and runs with her foster mom. She can self entertain with toys throughout the day while everyone is working. Lucy is nearly house broken, sometimes has one accident a day but most days has no accidents inside! Lucy loves to be next to foster mom and wants lots of cuddles and pets. Lucy sleeps through the night in her crate and goes to her "room" (crate) when fosters leave without issues.  Lucy is food motivated but is particular about her treats, she loves pupperonis but will spit out milkbones!  Lucy is smart and learning basic commands like sit, lay down and come. 


Lucy does have many areas of growth as she settles into life with a furever home. Lucy has extreme fear around men, including her foster dad and men on walks. While she is getting better with women strangers but still takes a long time to warm up. Lucy will bark, snap and lunge when scared. Given this, children over 14 are recommended. Lucy is a flight risk when scared. She can jump an 6 foot fence with ease. A GPS collar would be recommended by her foster family. Lucy is great with her foster dog brothers,  introductions to new dogs will need to be slow and intentional. Lucy is a strong personality so a submissive male would be a good fit for a dog sibling.