New Hope Cattle Dogs Available For Adoption

New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue vets all puppies and dogs to include:

  • spay/neuter
  • vaccinations ((rabies, distemper, bordatella)
  • de-worm
  • heartworm check (if appropriate)
  • microchip

Dogs come with a crate, collar, leash, food, bowls, and vet records. The crate is returned upon completion of the trial adoption.

Hello, Just getting started.

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Hello, Just getting started.

I'm not a REAL DOG, but if you are just getting started in your search with New Hope, not quite ready to start meeting dogs yet due to vacation, moving, getting married or life in general,..... Then I'm your dog!  Choose me and New Hopes Adoption Coordinator will give you a call & we can go from there.  Thanks for your interest & Hello to a great adventure finding a new best friend!

Julius (1 year, 8 months)

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Hey there, I've just arrived at New Hope and my foster family is working hard to write my biography. Check back soon to read more about me or complete an adoption application so that my foster home can set up a meet and greet with you. We just might be the perfect match!

Roy (1 year, 2 months)

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Roy is very shy and looking for love and attention.....His owner passed away and the wife is not able to keep caring for him along with the other animals in the home so she surrendered him to NHCDR hoping he will find a loving family that will work with him and give hime lots of attention....Roy is from the Ozark region of Missouri.  We are planning on getting him on the July 29th  transport.. Let's  welcome  Roy to the mountains, snow, sunshine and low humidity...


Roy has not lived inside so will need a person  who understands his shyness and indoor training.  Right now it is recommended not small children because of being shy

Dandelion (1 year, 2 months)

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Dandy, short for Dandelion has just arrived at New Hope.  She has spent the last year in an outdoor kennel with many other dogs so she is learning to be around humans ang live in a home.  She is a 25 lb bundle of sweet, independent, curious, smart & loves to play with other dogs.  She will need a companion dog and a fenced yard in her forever home.  She is good with kids.  Cats are unknown so probably a no to start.

Chloe (1 year) COMING SOON!

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Chloe is from KS but was a transfer to that shelter from Mississippi.....She is a heeler/catahoula mix , 1 yr old, heartworm negative and said to be a nice dog.  We will know soo once she arrives on  8/6/20....

Dozer (6 years) COMING SOON!

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Dozer is coming to New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue from a farm in NE.  She is good around older children and other dogs.  NO CHICKENS or CATS as that is why we are finding her a new home. She is house trained and a sweet gal.  She is due to arrive Aug. 9th.

Pepper (deaf) (2 years, 2 months) COMING SOON!

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Pepper (deaf)

Pepper is DEAF, and was surrendered because a rooster was killed and the family was not sure who it was ( the other dog was a boxer x) ...   she is good with dogs and children and had lived her entire life with this family.  She arrived August 12 th.