New Hope Cattle Dogs Available For Adoption

New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue vets all puppies and dogs to include:

  • spay/neuter
  • vaccinations ((rabies, distemper, bordatella)
  • de-worm
  • heartworm check (if appropriate)
  • microchip

Dogs come with a crate, collar, leash, food, bowls, and vet records. The crate is returned upon completion of the trial adoption.

Hello, Just getting started.

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Hello, Just getting started.

I'm not a REAL DOG, but if you are just getting started in your search with New Hope, not quite ready to start meeting dogs yet due to vacation, moving, getting married or life in general,..... Then I'm your dog!  Choose me and New Hopes Adoption Coordinator will give you a call & we can go from there.  Thanks for your interest & Hello to a great adventure finding a new best friend!

Rain (2 years)

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Hi, I'm Little Rain but I am nothing but PURE SUNSHINE. I am great with kids of all ages but I have been known to steal food from little ones if given the opportunity! :-) I love to chew on bones and stuffed animals, and I love to go on walks. I am housebroken and I sleep in my kennel though I would prefer if you give me a treat in order for me to go into my kennel! I would need a little leash training as I typically stay near my walker and don't use a leash. I am very loyal to the person who takes care of me and I am eager to please! Put in an application and we can meet!

Blaze (5 months)

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Blaze is almost 4 months old and ready for his next adventure. He loves playing with other dogs and exploring new things. He's also a great snuggler and wants to be close to his people.

Rey (1 year, 1 month) COMING SOON!

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Hey there, I've just arrived at New Hope and my foster family is working hard to write my biography. Check back soon to read more about me or complete an adoption application so that my foster home can set up a meet and greet with you. We just might be the perfect match!

Spur (4 months)

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Spur, is a very sweet 4 month old blue heeler puppy. Being a puppy he is still figuring things out, but is very smart and has already learned a few basic commands like sit, stay, and shake. He tends to be a little shy at first but once he figures out he is safe becomes very affectionate. He loves cuddling, belly rubs, and chew toys. In true heeler style Spur has a lot on energy, so would flourish with a family that has an active life style and a back yard he can run and play in.

Freddy (3 years, 3 months)

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Hi my name is Freddy. Im a unique dog with many wonderful traits & quirks. I need to be stimulated indoors w/puzzles, lick mats, squeaky toys and other self play toys ( all of which I have) to keep me busy and relaxed. Im crate trained and also need to be feed in my crate where Im alone then let out after. This routine helps me with my food guarding. I dont bark much, only when excited. I LOVE to play. My trainer Cheyenne can explain to you our rules as I have issues we are working on regarding resource guarding. She says I'm making great progress. In the past I have nipped hard when my things or food were taken from me. I have lots of love to give BUT on my terms. I'm not a lap dog but love to be by you. I need to be your only dog and I'm not comfortable around children. If I have to be, then I have my own muzzle or can go into my crate. But my new home needs to be kid free. I'm great on walks, know a bunch of commands and LOVE to train ( best with treats). I need play/walk at least an hour a day to help keep my anxiety/energy low. I know I'm in the right state, Colorado is sooooo perfect for me with all the great outdoor things to do. Now I just need to find MY PERSON/S that are heeler savvy, patient, active and LOVE quirky little guys like ME!!!!!!!

Three (1 year, 5 months)

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My name is Three. I came from a situation in Kansas where my owner had too many Heelers (I guess there is such a thing). I was really scared at first but am warming up mostly thanks to my new best friend Sadie who is also available for adoption. I am mellow and will approach for affection if you are sitting on the couch or floor but I am still a little hand-shy. I know how to use the doggie door and am not vocal when I am outside. I can be trusted with free roam of the house while you are away but I may like to climb on the couch like a mountain goat so that I can look outside. I will need a patient owner to help me feel comfortable with a harness and leash so that I can leave the house and explore more of Colorado.

Shamika (1 year, 10 months)

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Shamika lives in an apartment with her current family. They got her as a puppy and now that she has grown they believe she would be better off in home where she has a yard and room to run and play. They have come to New Hope for assistance with finding her new forever family. Below is Shamika's information and a short Bio. If interested kindly contact her current owner - Kim - directly via email: or cell: 720-561-9042 Pet Information: Shamika (Mika) is 20 months old, spayed, and fully vaccinated. She is a very good dog, loves to run and play, and gets along nicely with other dogs. We aren't sure how she is with small children or if she is okay around cats.

Trix (2 years, 1 month)

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Hi, I'm Trix, aka, the Little Trix-ter, Little Trixxy, and Trix-inator. I arrived just in time to celebrate the 4th of July with New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue.....a true Independence Day for me and starting a life a freedom! My foster home is learning more about me but what they know so far is that I will make someone a wonderful friend an hiking buddy! I am wonderful on a leash and I didn't respond at all when I saw a rabbit. I have done well with all of the dogs that I have met so far but I don't really play much as I prefer to just hang out with people. I sleep in my crate. This girl is a shadow that you will not trip on! Put in an application right NOW to meet me. I will find my forever home fast! Don't miss out on becoming my life-long friend.

Louie (5 months)

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Louie is also currently located at a shelter in Dodge City, Kansas, and is Toby’s litter mate. Louie takes after his mom, and looks more like a lab. New Hope is also listing him as a courtesy. Like Toby, Louie is about 4.5 months old and weighs ~35lbs. If you are interested in learning more kindly contact Toni Meyers at 620-430-3277 or by email at

Jolene (4 years, 2 months)

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Hi there I'm Jolene! My foster mom doesn't know my whole story, but I came to her with a broken leg and very guarded. My leg is all better now and boy do I love hiking, running, walking - anything active really!! I am learning to trust people and need someone that's up for learning from my foster mom what helps me do well in different environments along with patience. My little nub of a tail doesn't stop wagging and I can never get enough cuddles if we are pals. I do hate to be picky, but I need to be the only animal in the household....that seems to do wonders for my anxiety. I haven't quite learned how to play with other dogs so sometimes I bark a bit because I feel unsafe. Car rides I am getting better with each trip. I call dibs laying behind the driver's seat :) Last thing, I'm great if you need to leave me alone. I understand you have a life! I also promise to give the best welcome home greeting when you come back! I'm grateful for you considering me and hope we can meet soon. Love, Jolene.

Misty (4 months)

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Hey there, I've just arrived at New Hope and my foster family is working hard to write my biography. Check back soon to read more about me or complete an adoption application so that my foster home can set up a meet and greet with you. We just might be the perfect match!

Tucker (11 months)

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Tucker is a 11 MO old dog. He came to us from Arizona. That's OK, he was saved and that is what matters. He is a Heeler mix, neutered and fully vaccinated. He is good with children, gets along with other dogs, and doesn't bother cats. Tucker is a lot cuter than his picture and just wants to play. He would be a good running buddy too.