How you can help New Hope Cattle Dogs


Your donation can help save the lives of Australian Cattle Dogs in need. The process is quick and easy. Just click on the Donate button below to help a Cattle Dog today. We are a 501(c)(3) so your contributions are tax deductible.

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Help support us by shopping online at your favorite stores. Please use the links below so we get credit for referring you. As much as 10-40% of your purchase will come back to us if you use these links. Thanks for supporting us!

Like to help New Hope Cattle Dogs? Go shopping!

That’s right, go ahead and buy something for yourself –– a new CD, the latest bestseller, essentials like toothpaste or vitamins, pet supplies, even a computer. But first join iGive. Every time you shop at one of the over 400 name-brand stores in the Mall at, we’ll receive a donation of up to 26% of each purchase you make, at no cost to you.

Remember, donating to New Hope Cattle Dogs won’t cost you a thing. But we’ll miss out on a lot of extra dough, if you don’t join. So visit iGive now. Membership is free and your privacy is guaranteed.