About New Hope Cattle Dogs

We are committed to finding forever homes for our ACD's, therefore, We will do an extensive evaluation to try and get the best "fit" between you and your new dog.  Please fill out an adoption application so we can work on finding you the perfect match. It is important for you to understand that we have strict requirements for placement. We WILL NOT place one of our dogs in a home that is planning on keeping their dog outside more than 25% of the time.  These dogs have all encountered some sort of abuse in their lives, whether it was physical, emotional or just plain neglect.  It is important that they feel like a part of the family and get to be with their "pack" as much as possible.

New Hope Cattle Dogs makes a commitment to all our rescued dogs to watch over them for life. We require that if one of our dogs ever proves unsuitable for ANY reason in your home that they come back to us for placement.

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Foster a Cattle Dog

We are always looking for foster homes willing to give our ACD's a safe loving home until they can be placed in their forever homes. If you are interested in fostering a dog in need, please fill out the foster application. Please make sure that you look over the foster home requirements and are able to make a commitment.

Support us, Donations & More

Please see our Wish List. Medical Care, Food and Shelter for these guys adds up quickly. We are non-profit and only are able to operate from the donations that we get. Any contribution you make will go directly to the care of the dogs. We are a 501(c)(3) so all of your contributions are tax deductible.
We also accept donations through our PayPal account.

More Cattle Dog Information and Assistance

Please check out our ACD FAQ written by Mark Abbott, who so graciously gave me permission to put on our website! For more Training info check out our Training page.  I now offer *FREE* Behavioral Consultation for the life of your rescued New Hope Cattle Dog.  Please e-mail me for more details.

Check out our "Is an ACD right for you" page to see if the breed fits with your lifestyle. Also read the article on Adopting a Companion Animal. Cattle Dogs are wonderful, intelligent and loyal companions, but they are not for everyone and are not a 'beginner' dog, so please make sure to read and do lots of research before you make a commitment to adopt. If you are unsure where to begin, please e-mail us for more info. Also, please read our brochure on the ACD Personality to determine if this is really the breed for you. We also have a number of Deaf dogs at any one time, so to learn more about Deaf dogs, please read the Deaf Dog brochure we have put together for you,

Learn about what's really in dog food on our "All About Food" page. We give recommendations on dog food brands for your cattle dog as well as some good places to purchase pet food.