New Hope Cattle Dogs Available For Adoption

New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue vets all puppies and dogs to include:

  • spay/neuter
  • vaccinations ((rabies, distemper, bordatella)
  • de-worm
  • heartworm check (if appropriate)
  • microchip

Dogs come with a crate, collar, leash, food, bowls, and vet records. The crate is returned upon completion of the trial adoption.

Hello, Just getting started.

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Hello, Just getting started.

I'm not a REAL DOG, but if you are just getting started in your search with New Hope, not quite ready to start meeting dogs yet due to vacation, moving, getting married or life in general,..... Then I'm your dog!  Choose me and New Hopes Adoption Coordinator will give you a call & we can go from there.  Thanks for your interest & Hello to a great adventure finding a new best friend!

Sammi (7 years, 5 months)

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Sweet Sammi comes to us from Amarillo TX where her owner passed away. She loves to go on hikes and walks, getting very excited when her leash comes out to go! She loves to play toss up with her stuffed toys, likes being around people, not good with cats and has the typical curiosity watch on squirrels, rabbits etc. Sammi is house trained and loves a comfy bed. After spending a while in a shelter, she loves being in a foster home and hoping will find her family soon......can be dog selective. We were told that she was dog friendly so working on that

Faith (2 years)

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Faith comes to NHCDR from Portales NM where space is over flowing so was given a time frame to get tagged. What a sweetheart of a heeler mix. Faith loves kids, plays chase with the foster's dogs, good in her crate ( 3 hrs is the longest her foster has left her in the crate) great in the car but nervous getting in the car so has been crated.... She is very playful and had hoped to get her to doggy daycare but she came down with kernel cough. Now she is on the road to recovery so will be getting spayed 11/22... Faith loves her treats and is food motivated but has not been off leash, only in a fenced backyard where we are working on recall..I think she would love a family who will hike and camp and give her hugs everyday.

Jojo (1 year, 2 months)

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Jojo is very sweet and spirited. She is eager to love and be loved. Happily, she is good with my children (10 and 12), she is house broke, not food possessive, easily relaxes for family movie night. She walks well after a good ball toss in the backyard to burn off energy. She likes working for a treat with a puzzle toy or by human hand. She has just mastered "sit" and is picking up "lay down"... quicky too. In addition to loads of exercise this gal needs training. I suspect she would make an amazing agility dog. She came to us very hand shy but is growing out of it and she didn't seem to have any commands. She is going to be a fantastic companion once she learns the ropes via training and socialization. I should also mention that we were able to quickly train her to leave the rat cage alone once she noticed them. We are working on not giving into the excitement of frequent rabbit encounters on our walks.

Dottie (2 years, 10 months)

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Hi, my name is Dottie. My foster says I'm a very sweet girl, and have to admit I agree with that. I'm one of those dogs that just wants a nice home with someone who will love me, feed, take me for walks, and love me, and buys me toys, and love me. And did I mention I want someone to love me? I promise to return that love ten-fold. I also get along with other dogs, as long as they understand I need to be at the head of the attention line ... just saying. Anyway, I will be a very affectionate, loyal, lifelong companion for someone, and you will understand once you meet me.

George (2 years)

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GeorgecandcEkroy we're dumped in Mt View OK and picked up as strays. They were kept required 3 days before being put down but local rescue contacted then Nhcdr took over. They are getting neutered and vaccines and should be here around 10/25/21

Missie (1 year, 10 months) COMING SOON!

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Missie was surrendered because she did not likeducks or chickens, so guessing not good with livestock or cats. The shelter says sweet, friendly and typical loyalty to her family Missie will arrive from KS to CO 11/30/21...looking forward to hikes, playing in the snow, and just relaxing with her new family

Willow (7 years, 9 months)

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Hi, I'm Little Miss Willow. I'm a mature lady who would love to live in your world. I am a super sweet dog who loves to spend quiet times with my human. I do like to go for walks, but I'm not a super high energy dog. I am well behaved, kennel trained, and love to cuddle up on soft furniture, like sofas, stuffed chairs, comfy dog beds, etc. I am also of the opinion that there is no such thing as too many laps, have a secret dream to sit on all of them. I'm a corgi mix -- which means I'm super cute as well. So, get with it and put in an application to meet me. I promise you won't be sorry.

Missy - COURTESY LISTING (5 years)

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Hi there! I am Missy, a 5 yo Heeler. I came into rescue after my elderly daddy passed away. I am a sweet little girl, who is the perfect size at 40lbs. I love to walk & do 5 miles a day with my foster mom & brothers. This is my 3rd home in 5 years so I do have a bit of a possessive streak. I like to get all of the love & affection, can you blame me? I've been abandoned twice already! I am living with 2 older males & as long as my foster parents make sure I know my boundaries, I am happy to have brothers. The rescue will help with training so that we have the tools to work on my boundaries! I like to watch the squirrels & could stay outside all day just waiting for one of them to fall in our yard, lol. I am trusted with free roam inside, I promise not to chew your shoes! I am crate trained & house broken. The vets say that I have severe liver disease, but I am a happy girl & no one thinks it's true! But, the tests have been done & show that my Cirrhosis & Hepatitis is quite severe & I am on a liver flushing medication & a couple of other supplements. My liver flush meds will be complete in 3 months. At that time, I will get another live biopsy to see if the Chelation helped & then figure out what we will do from there. The rescue is committed to caring for me through all of these tests & surgeries. Seriously though, you would not know that I am sick at all! The rescue has discussed sponsoring my monthly Denamarin meds that support my liver for the rest of my life. Go to if you are interested in Missy!

Luke - COURTESY LISTING (4 years)

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Luke is a 3-4 yr. old neutered male cattle dog, 45 lbs. Current on shots including Heartworm test negative and Heartworm Prevention. Luke has HIGH herding drive & will herd children so should be supervised by them. He has never shown aggression towards children or other dogs. He is very smart and highly motivated by food. He knows sit, stay, leave it, quiet, bed & is kennel trained. He has been on Blue Buffalo dry food. He needs to be on a meal schedule NOT free fed. Luke would thrive in a Heeler savvy family environment where he could use his Heeler instincts. Please contact: Stephanie #303-217-0382

Jolene (3 years, 7 months)

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Jolene will arrive Nov. 11th. She is a border collie/blue heeler mix, 3.5 yrs old and 34 lbs. She is dog friendly, rides nice in a car and walks great on leash. She does NOT like overly excited dogs in her space and will growl at them to move them away. Jolene has a fracture on her left front leg & will require orthopedic surgery to repair. New Hope will cover this cost. However whom ever adopts this GREAT GAL will be responsible to work w/New Hope to get her to and from any necessary vet appointments. If interested, please complete an adoption application and pick her as one of your dogs of interest. Our Adoption Coordinator will then be in contact. If you already have a current application w/us, then contact Mary to add Jolene to it.

Spur (2 years)

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Spur is a typical cattle dog. Good on leash but needs work on pulling. He gets excited when he sees moving objects as he wants to herd them. He is loving, sweet and FULL of ENERGY. Good with other dogs.